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We offer product and colour advice, as well as a complete installation and advisory service for domestic and commercial flooring projects.

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Free measure and quote

We provide free measure and quote services throughout Melbourne. Contact us to arrange an appointment. We use state-of-the-art Callidus estimating technology to ensure that our projects are done right - particularly beneficial for complicated commercial projects.

Measuring tip: When measuring the area where flooring is required, it is useful to know that a lineal metre 3.66 metres and one metre long. To estimate the amount of flooring you require, multiply the longest room dimension by the widest room dimension and add 10%.


We are endorsed by many manufacturers to install their products and our installers are experts in their field. Plus, we guarantee our installations.

Installation tip: Carpets may loosen when first installed and may need to be re-stretched.Shredding or fluffing of carpet fibres may occur when carpet is first installed and will disappear with regular vacuuming. Cut pile carpets can often develop 'shading', where parts of the carpet seem lighter in some areas and darker in others. However, this is not related to manufacture or installation of the carpet - it is a random phenomenon affecting the appearance rather than the performance of the carpet. For further information see our flooring care guide.

Underlay advice

We use the right underlay for your carpet selection - whether rubber, foam, hair felt or dual bond. The type selected usually depends on the type of carpet and the subfloor conditions, as well as the desired result. For example, a firmer carpet may require a softer underlay to ensure it feels soft underfoot, whereas an extra soft carpet needs a firmer underlay.

Floor preparation

We conduct all sub-floor preparation, diamond grinding and moisture membrane services.

Commercial project management

Mr Carpets has decades of commercial flooring experience, and a proven track record in providing expert project management, design and installation services for any commercial application - and we guarantee our installations. Read about some of our recent projects and our estimating technology, or contact Robert Levin or Sam Grande to discuss your project needs.

We undertake work in a range of luxury hotels and apartments, pubs, clubs and restaurants, government departments, supermarkets and retail outlets, medical surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and corporate offices.